Tuesday, November 24, 2015

PFN Golarion ... the Call ...

You are a resident of the city capitol Almas of Andoran.  Many of the residents are travellers from afar but are all of some humankind decent.

A grand guild, The Pathfinder's Society of Avistan (PFSA), makes its presence known by having a few buildings and a miniature castle amongst the grounds of Almas.  Their presence is as welcome to a travelling salesman... both for selling and buying.

One of the well known retiree's of the PFSA is the current reigning King of Andoran.  Many outsiders (those outside of Andoran's borders) consider him soft by allowing so many tradesmen into and through Almas but he knows that if he were to stop a major trade route everyone would just go to war.

A call to those of age to travel outside of the borders of Andoran has been made by the King.

"The forces of evil have been growing rampant recently so much that their attention has raised caution to our trade route.  Bandits, orcs, and direlings have made travel increasingly dangerous.

I need to brave people to set out and explore our trade route and report back how bad it is.  If you are a lawman then arrest, detain, and return these enemies of our realm.  Bring them back alive.

You shall be awarded a Routesman Pass and Journeyman of the Pathfinder Society of Golarion Pass, both of which will allow you to travel and stay at most capital cities of Avistan.  If by any means you journey into Gorund I cannot assure your safety but know that we diplomatic in all things.

Some of your more seasoned adventurers may have also heard rumors of two beings of substantial power.  There are becoming more truths to these rumors and more than I like to consider.

Myron the mysic monk of Rhet Monastery had a rod of many pieces and was fashioned to simulate that same rod, the Rod of Seven Parts.  Myron's rod is fewer pieces, not as powerful nor that well known amonst wizards but nonetheless its four parts hold the key to the portal of the lair if the fiend of which I discuss next...

Orcus, Prince of the Undead, his rumors of his demise by those of Abeir-Toril (more commonly known as Faerun) have not only been grossly overexaggurated but have reached many ears on Golarion.  This Outsider has spread his existence to our world and as a practitioner of law I besiege you to close the portal with the Rod of Myron the Mysic.  Doing so will stave the stench of his undead minions and the stench of chaos.

The Lawful Deities of both Golarion and Toril have taken notice of my Call unto you...
of Golarion: Erastil, Iomedae, Torag, Abadar, Irori, Asmodeus, Zon-Kuthon
of Toril : Lord Ao, Asmodeus (King of Hell), Bane, Torm, Tyr, Kelemvor, Amaunator

They all have a historical part which Orcus has rendered asunder, dismal, and almost useless.  You are the line of defense to which Myron's Rod will aid in the rebalancing of the scales between law and chaos.  

Orcus has created greater undead orcs to do his bidding.  These "orocai" (or black orcs) have flooded out of the Worldwound with little to no hesitation from the surrounding inhabitants.  They shall pose a great obstacle in your path.

Myron's agents of mysticism will try to dissuade your path, interests, and goal of obtaining any of the pieces.  If you are so lucky to behold a piece of the rod you may decide it's final resting place upon completion of The Call.  Without it you will fail.