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PFN5E : H5 - Return to the Throne Of Bloodstone... An intro.

Return to the Throne of Bloodstone (RToB)

First wanted to mention that this will be brought to my players in Sandbox Play {defined}.

The Campaign
This campaign shall happen on the planet of Golarion, the Pathfinder rules system.  There are settings outside of Pathfinder (PF) yet will fit nicely for my game and can coexist with D&D5e & PF.

This is my campaign idea which includes the base story setting from Advanced Dungeons and Dragons First Edition {ADnD1e} (circa 1978-1983).

The following are from ADnD 1E 
H1 : Bloodstone Pass  [ link ]
H2 : The Mines of Bloodstone [ link ]
H3 : The Bloodstone Wars [ link ]
H4 : The Throne of Bloodstone [ link  ]
S3 : Expedition to the Barrier Peaks [ link ]

>>   Part of The Dungeons of Dread is a hardcover collection of four classic, stand-alone Advanced Dungeons & Dragons™ (1E) adventure modules -- 
S1 Tomb of Horrors
S2 White Plume Mountain
S3 Expedition to the Barrier Peaks
and S4 The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth.

In my campaign I shall use S3 as it's "Return Expedition to the Barrier Peaks... [S5]" where inside the barrier pass you find WTC 11843 (below).

This is from ADnD 3E
WTC 11843 : Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil [ link ]


The party
Meant to be of some adventuring skill but still working the kinks out of their dynamics to staying alive...  and to have some money in their pocket(s).  Some are just learning the ins-and-outs of magic, spellcasting, mythical creatures, and...  technology.

Some have travelled from afar to congregate at the Grande Lodge in Absalom.  Some in hopes to find adventure, some in hopes of working for The Pathfinder Society, and some just hope to survive long enough to save themselves from their pasts.

In the history of the Heroes of Bloodstone Pass there were five courageous individuals who became legends, heroes of folk lore, and for those whom lived...  bloodsworn pacts of death by the evil forces which they thwarted.  Some of the hero's bloodlines have continued their ancestor's vigil over the Bloodstone Lands.

Party should be 5+ players having APL of 5.

None shall have mastercrafted nor magical items of any nature.  These would confer a +0 or greater to an item.  However items which a player describe as being made of/by technological means are more than welcome to exist.  Harnessing the power of a "force of spirit" to make autonomous machinations exists well in Numeria.  Firearms have made technological leaps forward from the Alkenstar Gunsmithy.

Orcs, half-orcs, and those of their bloodline have been contaminated by The Green Plague (a mad scientist's experiment to make them human) and all are considered Monster category.  So they are not available as a PC.  To offset this new races from D&D 5e have been introduced...

Dragonborn, Tiefling, and Eladrin.

There are no "half" type races.  Halflings are now Hobbit.  Half-elves are now High Elf.


Character Record Sheet {CRS}
A "keep it simple, silly" PDF has been created with a twist on gaining experience and combat... minimizing them but keeping them in a clean format for review and update here: [ PFN5e CRS ] 
For use with my game only because it does not follow the standard rules...  it simplifies them from my own interpretations of 5e's and PF's rules systems.

There are dropdowns and some auto-calculations done when you enter in certain fields.  Please "Save As -> Your PC's Name.pdf" and send that back to me so your hero will be kept up to date.  I may send it back to you with revisions and explanations...
 ::  Example ::  <Harrybutt Titan - 02.pdf> would be sent back to you.  the -02 is the revision number.  If you revise it please keep the same revision number, send it to me, I approve, then will be <Harrybutt Titan - 02AP.pdf> or something similar which I have "APproved".

I'm expecting to have simple tablets available for each player with a PDF reader and WiFi.  Once exchanged it should reside on the tablet.  These tablets will also have a library of "Player Available Materials" including rule books, guide books, and miscellaneous GM Approved materials contained therein.  Access to any SRD's online will be provided during break times to access the wifi.  At any other time(s) the wifi of the tablet(s) should be turned off.


Races & Classes...  and Roles?  (defined by my CRS <above>)
Pathfinder did a good job at providing some classes which were lacking in D&D, yet D&D had some races which Pathfinder were lacking...  so I slammed some both together and included some which haven't been seen in either for some time.

Race : human, elf, dwarf, gnome, halfling, half-elf, dragonborn, tiefling, eladrin
Class : barbarian, bard, cleric, druid, fighter, paladin, ranger, rogue, sorcerer, wizard, summoner, witch, warlock, samurai, ninja, magus, alchemist, gunslinger, inquisitor, monk

Role : melee, ranged, arcane, divine, skilled

Roles give a better balance and game mechanic.  MMO's use them well so they have been adopted into my KISS strategy.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

PFN Golarion ... the Call ...

You are a resident of the city capitol Almas of Andoran.  Many of the residents are travellers from afar but are all of some humankind decent.

A grand guild, The Pathfinder's Society of Avistan (PFSA), makes its presence known by having a few buildings and a miniature castle amongst the grounds of Almas.  Their presence is as welcome to a travelling salesman... both for selling and buying.

One of the well known retiree's of the PFSA is the current reigning King of Andoran.  Many outsiders (those outside of Andoran's borders) consider him soft by allowing so many tradesmen into and through Almas but he knows that if he were to stop a major trade route everyone would just go to war.

A call to those of age to travel outside of the borders of Andoran has been made by the King.

"The forces of evil have been growing rampant recently so much that their attention has raised caution to our trade route.  Bandits, orcs, and direlings have made travel increasingly dangerous.

I need to brave people to set out and explore our trade route and report back how bad it is.  If you are a lawman then arrest, detain, and return these enemies of our realm.  Bring them back alive.

You shall be awarded a Routesman Pass and Journeyman of the Pathfinder Society of Golarion Pass, both of which will allow you to travel and stay at most capital cities of Avistan.  If by any means you journey into Gorund I cannot assure your safety but know that we diplomatic in all things.

Some of your more seasoned adventurers may have also heard rumors of two beings of substantial power.  There are becoming more truths to these rumors and more than I like to consider.

Myron the mysic monk of Rhet Monastery had a rod of many pieces and was fashioned to simulate that same rod, the Rod of Seven Parts.  Myron's rod is fewer pieces, not as powerful nor that well known amonst wizards but nonetheless its four parts hold the key to the portal of the lair if the fiend of which I discuss next...

Orcus, Prince of the Undead, his rumors of his demise by those of Abeir-Toril (more commonly known as Faerun) have not only been grossly overexaggurated but have reached many ears on Golarion.  This Outsider has spread his existence to our world and as a practitioner of law I besiege you to close the portal with the Rod of Myron the Mysic.  Doing so will stave the stench of his undead minions and the stench of chaos.

The Lawful Deities of both Golarion and Toril have taken notice of my Call unto you...
of Golarion: Erastil, Iomedae, Torag, Abadar, Irori, Asmodeus, Zon-Kuthon
of Toril : Lord Ao, Asmodeus (King of Hell), Bane, Torm, Tyr, Kelemvor, Amaunator

They all have a historical part which Orcus has rendered asunder, dismal, and almost useless.  You are the line of defense to which Myron's Rod will aid in the rebalancing of the scales between law and chaos.  

Orcus has created greater undead orcs to do his bidding.  These "orocai" (or black orcs) have flooded out of the Worldwound with little to no hesitation from the surrounding inhabitants.  They shall pose a great obstacle in your path.

Myron's agents of mysticism will try to dissuade your path, interests, and goal of obtaining any of the pieces.  If you are so lucky to behold a piece of the rod you may decide it's final resting place upon completion of The Call.  Without it you will fail.

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Moving to Pathfinder NEXT blog!!!

That's right... wait, wtf you ask?

I've made a new multi-system where you combine both Pathfinder AND Dungeons and Dragons Next (5th edition) into one...  best of both systems and cut down for battle...

Pathfinder Next ...  and my HitBox stats system and Event XP levelling system.

Join "Throne of Bloodstone in Golarion (PFN5E)" it's new locale...

ToBiG/PFN5e  [ click here ]

Soon there'll be more adventures than you can shake a stick at... or Orcus' Wand at!

Marcaise / GM

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An Un-Official Pathfinder Society History to ToBiG ...

Ever since -632 AR Orcus has used that tarrasque from that time on his own plane in the Abyss as a pet to play with unwanted guests (which are many).  This brings Orcus favors (and threats) by his demon lord brethren.

In 666 AR Orcus holds court with a special guest from Golarion, Nex, whom travels back and forth in an effort to set up a temple for Nex's benefactor, Orcus, a powerful demon of the undead.

From 667 through 1890 AR, Orcus battles many battles with other demon lords from their intrusion through his plane to travel to one of a handful of gates leading to Golarion.

Norgorber prays to Orcus after being brought a tableau of ancient writings and symbols of which Norgorber successfully translates "The Last Call to Orcus".  This prompts Orcus to secretly bequeath Blasphemousness (the opposite of Sainthood) unto Norgorber to become his new disciple and empowering Orcus as a Demon Lord among his peers and rivals.

In 1891, With Nex and Norgorber, Demon Lord Orcus unleashes "The Feast of Flesh".  A thousand souls were driven into Quantium in an attempt to slay Geb (whom Orcus tried to befriend earlier only to have been betrayed because his being in league with Demogorgon, Orcus' chief demon lord rival),  whom Geb then slain by his twisted form of death magic.  Orcus was on the other end of the death vortex (a "Skeletal Cyclone") which sent the newly dead souls to Orcus wherein he enslaved them and bonded them into demonic skeletons.

In 1892 an Orcussian Cultist Oracle fortells Norgorber becoming a powerful ally to Orcus but at a cost...  Norgorber would not be directly recognized as one of The Ascended and his true followers would disband.  This was a fallacy and is widely still believed today amongst the other religions.  One of Norgorber's names is "The False God" because all that is known about him is falsified.  For if the truth were revealed it would mean he would cease to exist and would cease being in power.

1893 Norgorber quietly (among his rivals and most of mankind) becomes the only evil entity to join The Ascended passing the Test of the Starstone.

2490 Orcus births his first of the Incubed, the demon Treerazer, in hopes all that is green and life-supporting is razed from Golarion.  Many times Treerazer tries to raze Orcusgate, so finally (at a healthy size and too much for Orcusgate) in 2497 Treerazer was unleashed in Golarion onto one of Orcus' favorite enemies:  the elves and their Sovyrian Stone, where Treerazer begins his true destiny of destruction.  This causes most of the elves of Golarion to flee to their homeworld.

Later in 2632 elves return en masse back through Sovyrian Stone and attempt to slay Treerazer.  It takes a full 666 years to slay Treerazer, where then he returns to Orcus to recuperate and plot the demise of the elves whom tried to slay him.

In 3298 Rovagug awakens from his wounds and free of his bindings...  in Orcusgate.

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Orcus' Party of the Flesh...

A few encounter types Orcus is enslaving to throw at the party...

Abyssal Harvester
Abyssal Wolf
Daemon, Charon
Daemon, Charonodaemon
Corpse Orgy
Demon Lord, Baphomet
Demon Lord, Beluiri
Demon Lord, Caizel
Demon Lord, Fraz-Urb'luu
Demon Lord, Jubilex
Demon Lord, Kostchtchie
Demon Lord, Maphistal
Demon Lord, Orcus
Demon Lord, Pazuzu
Demon Lord, Sonechard
Demon Lord, Tsathogga
Demon, Choronzon
Giant, Jack-In-Irons
Colossus, Jade
Herald of Tsathogga
Obsidian Minotaur
Daemon, The Oinodaemon
Skeleton, Black
Orc, Black
Skeleton, Lead
Slaad Lord of Entropy
Slaad Lord of the Insane
Soul Nibbler
Soul Reper

They have some mechanics as in to provide a anxiousness to get to the next phase or area of the campaign.  I shall not steer the party but I shall coerce them into going where they outta and stay outta where they aught not be.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

May the hunt begin! (Starting Player Info)...

The following shall be the grounds at which the campaign shall proceed...

1.  new players shall be able to bring in a character of a level 10% less than the lowest level PC in the current party.

2.  new characters may have only the following magical equipments:
- a. arm/wrist weapon or protection at +1 (rings, gauntlets, bracers, not part of the armor suit)
- b. armor suit at +1
- c. potions, scrolls, and other "trinkets" which total no more than 1,000 gold
- d. holy item +1 (if applicable)

3.  will know what's going on with main party and will be sent in-route to meet up with other party member(s)
 - a. new member might be jailed / held captive (torture possible)
 - b. could find member as a supporter for the cause 
 - c. could find member as an escapee

4.  total party character levels (CL) before leaving Golarion not to exceed 40 or the intercepting forces will be alerted and send support in massively outnumbering numbers.

5.  short stories must be told only to give direction.  it is upto the GM to keep these to a minimum.  these are either direct or paraphrased from the actual source material.

6.  Actual Source Material:  First Edition AD&D Campaign Module H4, "Throne of Bloodstone"

7. Game play shall be on weekends (FRI - SAT - SUN) and the GM must have at least a week inbetween sessions to prepare next phase of game play.

8.  If player(s) are unable to attend for any reason advance warning and good reason must be submitted to GM or concurrent player.  A grace period of one missed session may be allowed if other player(s) agree to the reason.  The game shall continue and there is a point where no new PC's will be accepted.  There are no exceptions.

9.  CON RELEASE:  this game is being played with the Pathfinder RPG rules system but has no bearing upon the Pathfinder game setting itself nor the Chronicles setting.  However I do encourage those interested in find this module and have fun with it as I am.  

- a. MarsCon participants are not included in the actual campaign but may "Join the Fray" and have a whack at taking Orcus' famous wand and escape his evil clutches before he takes a #2 on Golarion...  and the pantheon has little to stop him short of collapsing the known cosmos.

10.  should this make it (irl) to year 2014 a full write up shall be made and posted for all to use... in the new conclusory module: H5 - "Stone of Blood"... which is in development by H.A. Lotis, IV (aka Marcaise Delacroix Khorece).

11.  House Rule (concept in practice) ... 

New convention :  Hit Box (HBX)

The idea is to keep track and show the player and GM as much pertinent combat information about each major PC, NPC, or Encounter in a succinct and timely manner.

HD: Hit Dice (hit points divided by eight)

Hit Points: how much damage you suffer.  There are four HBX columns to break up HP into quarter sections.

REZ: you have ten percent of your maximum HP to go after zero before you are no longer resurrectable, not even by wish or divine favor.  Put the ten percent number here and it is understood this is exactly how much you can go before you are slain;  you are considered unconscious unless you have a feat or other racial bonus which indicates otherwise, approved by the GM.

DEAD: (or SLAIN).  If you are marked here there is no chance at all of you regaining control of your PC... the GM should have a copy but yours should be burned, mutilated, whatever, just discard it.

BAB: base attack bonus (self explanitory). BAB order: main hand, off hand, main hand, off hand, lucky shot (5th strike if CL allows), and 6th column is for Hasted.  if you have no 5th attack it is marked with a " X " (or strikethru) and your hasted main hand attack is denoted in the 6th column.

AC: armor class (self explanitory), however this is your very best, highest possible.  You are considered to always be wearing your armor.  If you do not inform the GM you are fully equipped and decked out in your finest duds.  Encumbrance and armor penalties for weight (-3 and under) shall not be enforced.  Penalties for DEX must be figured in.
- Only list the following: Col-1 is best, col-2 is flatfooted, col-3 is touch.

The HitBox (by HALotisJR +Marcaise K )
DR : Damage Resistance.  If your class or armor permits please denote it here and subtract the appropriate damage.

SR : Spell Resistance. Refer to Pathfinder's SRD (Spell Resistance) for specifics, but this is a d20/Pathfinder equivalent to the Magic Resistance of First Edition ADnD.  The only difference is SR is only for SPELLS in my game.

MR: Magic Resistance.  There is a build up of magical energy in everything in the world and by that same token there are those whom were born in such magic dead areas and thusly may not be affected by such magical effects.  Items are affected by MR and thus beings may be immune to such effects thus needing a higher magic to be hit.  If 50% MR that translates to being immune to items of +5 or less however a +6 item still does full damage and is not diminished.  Refer to Pathfinder's SRD (on Magic Special Abilities) as to what is and isn't resisted and how.

STUN: when you suffer the maximum HP of the affected column you are stunned for a melee round unless you are immune to stun (with GM's approval).  Numbers listed are arbitrary and may be changed later but as you suffer so does the rest of your overall performance.  
- ex: you're about to die, you're not going to operate like you weren't damaged.

12.  All characters must be submitted in digital format (PDF is preferred, XPS is accepted) for GM approval.
- HeroLab generated is what GM uses and demonstrates via Skype (he shares his desktop for new character generation outside of gaming sessions).
- also this site is available: [ Pathfinder PCGen at Trove Tokens ].

13.  Players need to keep their copy updated but for gameplay must submit a version for GMCOPY.  GM agrees to keep it up to date and clear so that any notes taken may be referred back to clearly and current gear updates the HITBOX.

- - - - - - 

Please keep in mind the above are house rules and are only to keep the game rolling, and to keep it somewhat fair and balanced.

Any of the above may be changed at any time without prior knowledge but with some moniker of player respect and notification shall be made.

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Questline... and Side Tracks...

This is my intentions for the game...

Here's my scheme of things and should players use any of this for character knowledge their CL's shall be decreased by the deaths of those whom should "sparkle with the knowledge of the gods".

1. find fake artificer
2. get directions to witch-king's citadel
3. kill all along the way to inside the citadel
4. find out where the Abyssal Gate is
5. get to the Abyssal Gate
6. figure out the Gate's code
7. power up the Gate to use it
8. use the gate to get as close to City of Orcusgate as possible
9. make way to Orcus' Castle
10. find throne room
11. take Wand of Orcus
12. Escape City of Orcusgate
Optional : DESTROY Wand of Orcus

That's a short overview of what players are tasked with.  What they have knowledge thereof depends on elements leading upto this Epic Quest.

There are trees away from the 13 above accomplishments and some will reward more than others while others will seek to distract the party to do other things.

Keep in mind that there is a balancing act between good and evil.  The more the party does to lean one way or the other will affect the rest of the campaign...  for better... or worse.  When in doubt it may come into the favor of the party but keep in mind that both actions and spoken words will be kept track of...  by the gods, and the residents of the Abyss.

One side's afraid you'll take over and the other's just doesn't want you...  which side is which will be found out at the end of this game.