Friday, January 25, 2013

Orcus' Party of the Flesh...

A few encounter types Orcus is enslaving to throw at the party...

Abyssal Harvester
Abyssal Wolf
Daemon, Charon
Daemon, Charonodaemon
Corpse Orgy
Demon Lord, Baphomet
Demon Lord, Beluiri
Demon Lord, Caizel
Demon Lord, Fraz-Urb'luu
Demon Lord, Jubilex
Demon Lord, Kostchtchie
Demon Lord, Maphistal
Demon Lord, Orcus
Demon Lord, Pazuzu
Demon Lord, Sonechard
Demon Lord, Tsathogga
Demon, Choronzon
Giant, Jack-In-Irons
Colossus, Jade
Herald of Tsathogga
Obsidian Minotaur
Daemon, The Oinodaemon
Skeleton, Black
Orc, Black
Skeleton, Lead
Slaad Lord of Entropy
Slaad Lord of the Insane
Soul Nibbler
Soul Reper

They have some mechanics as in to provide a anxiousness to get to the next phase or area of the campaign.  I shall not steer the party but I shall coerce them into going where they outta and stay outta where they aught not be.

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