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A tasty morsel of flesh ...

Pathfinder Current Year:  4712 AR

There is a test of mankind and it's time has come to Golarion.

From the farthest reaches of Avistan and Gorrun comes a group of adventurers banding together to stop the threat which has only recently come to light...
The Reawakening of an Ancient Evil... Orcus, the Goat God.

In the times since the Goblinblood Wars (15 years in the past) there has been a thinning out of those of goblinoid blood: goblins, kobolds, orcs, halforcs, trolls, and other evil green skinned creatures.  Their number have dwindled dramatically in the the time since and spotting a goblinoid has been scarce.
Rumors have it that they all have fled underground into dungeons and other farther deeps.

Even stranger is the sighting of drow nobles coming to the top world seeking refuge as strange forces they are unable to identify have forced them from their homes.  "A feeling of death, dread, and unspeakable evil, even unto us drow, dark elves, rulers of the Darklands."

Szor-afein Ehilese Elhromane was a loremaster and weaver of tales of mystery among the peoples of the Darklands and has eluded to the illithid, those monsters whom sustain themselves by draining the victims of their memories and mental abilities.  Szor has pledged his services and lore to accompany as an official advisor of the Pathfinder Society of Almas, to which he resides and has welcomed him.  His travelling companion, and conductor of the recently departed (an Undead Lord) Zoric Blackbone "drags along those whom they have discarded in battle to repiece them back with their souls after serving in his Undead Lord's service". Zoric has taken great care as an Urpriest (believer in greater powers but not a worshipper to any deity or greater power) to only convert to his "Dark Court" those whom he and Szor have dispatched in battle to later return them to life, and their service to Zoric as penance for their atrocity towards he and Szor.  Their "Dark Court" together consists of 13 skeletons, 5 drow concubines for both Szor and Zoric (they're also assassin bodyguards of the "Black Widows")... and Tzu-Huozzah, the walking castle (when it's not in use it's a metallic square the size of a rubic's cube and equally as light, it was a gift from the Great Daimyo of Tien Xia himself, the King of the Jade Serpent Society).

Along their adventuring travels they are met by Tiberius, High Elven Cavalier Commander of Varisian Cavalry.  He leads his cavalry of 50 horsemen, 5 paladins, and one female of note whom only has been whispered as "The Valkyrie" (whom also has yet to be seen, but their forces are emblazen with her likeness of a number of valkyries numbering tenfold their cavalry).  All are well-trained militia and farmers whom took up the same cause as Tiberius... to make sure all farmlands are kept in fine working order, to feed their peoples with food aplenty and ripen with richness equal only to those made magically.  One of Tiberius' most trusted adventurer's and newly found compatriot Ezerial has recently returned from his mystical training from the Elven Kingdom of Triine, a place of ancient elven magics, memories, and supposedly one of the birthplaces of the high elves.  Ezerial's eidelons too went back to their collective home worlds to recouperate and regain new knowledges of their own and will rejoin the party when they are called upon.

Alex the 2nd, the Cormyrian Prince, from another realm on another planet which seems several lifetimes away, will join the party with his own party.  He was given the quest to put an ends to those symbols which were left by the last of the Goblinblood Wars...  the symbols of the seven deadly sins, and those just happened to surround a newly forged Talisman of Orcus.  The talisman was fashioned of some strange metal which even baffles the Numerian Technic League (technological sorcerers and scientists).  Alex has travelled most of Avistan on his various quests from his original deity Silverbright of the Khai Rhii, a deity from the other realm.  Alex has since been accepted by Erastil along with Alex's followers: Raeving Beauty (an ex-succubus), Big Tex (a gunslinger of exotic firearms), Kassy the Blue (a druidess of air and water types), Kraven (Kassy's former husband but now follower of Alex and occassional rider with Commander Tiberius), and the mysterious one whom still claims only to be merely a boy but the size of a giant with a mental capacity of endless proportions...  and recently found a descendant of Alex the 1st.

There have been rumors of opposing forces from the northern plains of Avistan making incursions into the southern lands but nothing has been substantial as of yet.  However a rather noticeable drop in livestock has been noted in many territories, even in territories of evil intent (NE, LE, CE).  This is causing a bit of concern because it stretches all throughout Avistan from the Realm of the Mammoth Lords to Nirmathas, to Kyonin, then around south to Andoran and Cheliax.  None have been unaffected.

The party has met beings which were otherworldly and sent them back from whence they came.  Finally found their first Free City (Alvis in Andoran) where they are finishing their training.  Their level of skill is about to surpass the trainers of the guilds;  meaning they are picking up tricks of their trade(s) on their own.

Activity in Numeria has been seen increasing.  To what ends none have been confirmed.

The demons of Worldwound have been seen fortifying their entrances to the Darklands beneath.  Some rumors have suggested that wars from Darklands are expanding up and through these entrances.  "Even those whom reside in Hell are vacating the area because something more sinister is happening" - Pathfinder Extraordinare Drizzt Do'Urden.

...  unbeknownst to the party Orcus has been awake for some time now and is plotting to use them as his Coup Des Etat unto Golarion.  For feeding on them shall give him even more power on the Prime Material Plane... where the resting places of his foulest enemies lay where they may still stay dormant and docile ready to be slain and devoured by Orcus.

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