Friday, November 9, 2012

Questline... and Side Tracks...

This is my intentions for the game...

Here's my scheme of things and should players use any of this for character knowledge their CL's shall be decreased by the deaths of those whom should "sparkle with the knowledge of the gods".

1. find fake artificer
2. get directions to witch-king's citadel
3. kill all along the way to inside the citadel
4. find out where the Abyssal Gate is
5. get to the Abyssal Gate
6. figure out the Gate's code
7. power up the Gate to use it
8. use the gate to get as close to City of Orcusgate as possible
9. make way to Orcus' Castle
10. find throne room
11. take Wand of Orcus
12. Escape City of Orcusgate
Optional : DESTROY Wand of Orcus

That's a short overview of what players are tasked with.  What they have knowledge thereof depends on elements leading upto this Epic Quest.

There are trees away from the 13 above accomplishments and some will reward more than others while others will seek to distract the party to do other things.

Keep in mind that there is a balancing act between good and evil.  The more the party does to lean one way or the other will affect the rest of the campaign...  for better... or worse.  When in doubt it may come into the favor of the party but keep in mind that both actions and spoken words will be kept track of...  by the gods, and the residents of the Abyss.

One side's afraid you'll take over and the other's just doesn't want you...  which side is which will be found out at the end of this game.

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