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May the hunt begin! (Starting Player Info)...

The following shall be the grounds at which the campaign shall proceed...

1.  new players shall be able to bring in a character of a level 10% less than the lowest level PC in the current party.

2.  new characters may have only the following magical equipments:
- a. arm/wrist weapon or protection at +1 (rings, gauntlets, bracers, not part of the armor suit)
- b. armor suit at +1
- c. potions, scrolls, and other "trinkets" which total no more than 1,000 gold
- d. holy item +1 (if applicable)

3.  will know what's going on with main party and will be sent in-route to meet up with other party member(s)
 - a. new member might be jailed / held captive (torture possible)
 - b. could find member as a supporter for the cause 
 - c. could find member as an escapee

4.  total party character levels (CL) before leaving Golarion not to exceed 40 or the intercepting forces will be alerted and send support in massively outnumbering numbers.

5.  short stories must be told only to give direction.  it is upto the GM to keep these to a minimum.  these are either direct or paraphrased from the actual source material.

6.  Actual Source Material:  First Edition AD&D Campaign Module H4, "Throne of Bloodstone"

7. Game play shall be on weekends (FRI - SAT - SUN) and the GM must have at least a week inbetween sessions to prepare next phase of game play.

8.  If player(s) are unable to attend for any reason advance warning and good reason must be submitted to GM or concurrent player.  A grace period of one missed session may be allowed if other player(s) agree to the reason.  The game shall continue and there is a point where no new PC's will be accepted.  There are no exceptions.

9.  CON RELEASE:  this game is being played with the Pathfinder RPG rules system but has no bearing upon the Pathfinder game setting itself nor the Chronicles setting.  However I do encourage those interested in find this module and have fun with it as I am.  

- a. MarsCon participants are not included in the actual campaign but may "Join the Fray" and have a whack at taking Orcus' famous wand and escape his evil clutches before he takes a #2 on Golarion...  and the pantheon has little to stop him short of collapsing the known cosmos.

10.  should this make it (irl) to year 2014 a full write up shall be made and posted for all to use... in the new conclusory module: H5 - "Stone of Blood"... which is in development by H.A. Lotis, IV (aka Marcaise Delacroix Khorece).

11.  House Rule (concept in practice) ... 

New convention :  Hit Box (HBX)

The idea is to keep track and show the player and GM as much pertinent combat information about each major PC, NPC, or Encounter in a succinct and timely manner.

HD: Hit Dice (hit points divided by eight)

Hit Points: how much damage you suffer.  There are four HBX columns to break up HP into quarter sections.

REZ: you have ten percent of your maximum HP to go after zero before you are no longer resurrectable, not even by wish or divine favor.  Put the ten percent number here and it is understood this is exactly how much you can go before you are slain;  you are considered unconscious unless you have a feat or other racial bonus which indicates otherwise, approved by the GM.

DEAD: (or SLAIN).  If you are marked here there is no chance at all of you regaining control of your PC... the GM should have a copy but yours should be burned, mutilated, whatever, just discard it.

BAB: base attack bonus (self explanitory). BAB order: main hand, off hand, main hand, off hand, lucky shot (5th strike if CL allows), and 6th column is for Hasted.  if you have no 5th attack it is marked with a " X " (or strikethru) and your hasted main hand attack is denoted in the 6th column.

AC: armor class (self explanitory), however this is your very best, highest possible.  You are considered to always be wearing your armor.  If you do not inform the GM you are fully equipped and decked out in your finest duds.  Encumbrance and armor penalties for weight (-3 and under) shall not be enforced.  Penalties for DEX must be figured in.
- Only list the following: Col-1 is best, col-2 is flatfooted, col-3 is touch.

The HitBox (by HALotisJR +Marcaise K )
DR : Damage Resistance.  If your class or armor permits please denote it here and subtract the appropriate damage.

SR : Spell Resistance. Refer to Pathfinder's SRD (Spell Resistance) for specifics, but this is a d20/Pathfinder equivalent to the Magic Resistance of First Edition ADnD.  The only difference is SR is only for SPELLS in my game.

MR: Magic Resistance.  There is a build up of magical energy in everything in the world and by that same token there are those whom were born in such magic dead areas and thusly may not be affected by such magical effects.  Items are affected by MR and thus beings may be immune to such effects thus needing a higher magic to be hit.  If 50% MR that translates to being immune to items of +5 or less however a +6 item still does full damage and is not diminished.  Refer to Pathfinder's SRD (on Magic Special Abilities) as to what is and isn't resisted and how.

STUN: when you suffer the maximum HP of the affected column you are stunned for a melee round unless you are immune to stun (with GM's approval).  Numbers listed are arbitrary and may be changed later but as you suffer so does the rest of your overall performance.  
- ex: you're about to die, you're not going to operate like you weren't damaged.

12.  All characters must be submitted in digital format (PDF is preferred, XPS is accepted) for GM approval.
- HeroLab generated is what GM uses and demonstrates via Skype (he shares his desktop for new character generation outside of gaming sessions).
- also this site is available: [ Pathfinder PCGen at Trove Tokens ].

13.  Players need to keep their copy updated but for gameplay must submit a version for GMCOPY.  GM agrees to keep it up to date and clear so that any notes taken may be referred back to clearly and current gear updates the HITBOX.

- - - - - - 

Please keep in mind the above are house rules and are only to keep the game rolling, and to keep it somewhat fair and balanced.

Any of the above may be changed at any time without prior knowledge but with some moniker of player respect and notification shall be made.

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