Wednesday, October 24, 2012

An intense Pretense ...

The Party Starts Here
I'm Marcaise, your GM and guide through this blog.  Herein and after will be the ramblings from my campaign.  I am at times incoherent but entertaining.  Please do browse through these notes and use Google to your best ability...  none of what you find is admissible in my game!

This campaign is not for the occassional player.  It's not for the normal player.  I'm gonna toss a lot of evil at the party and if you're not up for it just sit back and let me know how my strewn body parts from the party is going.  

There will be occasional hints to research other sources but for the most part I'll try and keep the pertinent campaign information here on this blog.

-= Marcaise =-

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  1. Hey, you're using the map of Almas I created! That's pretty cool. Glad to see it getting use by other players :)