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History and Notes

Not my first blog but for my new group this will be an introduction to my world.

Hence my GM NOTES...

I see the Pathfinder RPG system as a major plot device for my story telling style of running games.  There are high level and exotic magics which permeate the world in which the party lives in.

Believing in a lot of magic is a good thing but I'm trying to tailor my world to that in which will attract players for their time spent and enjoyment among us all.  I'll be copying over some guidelines from my last campaign to get everyone started.

This campaign is a high character level game in which the class levels are capped at 20th level; however, the character level has no cap on it...  only capped by imagination.

"The Wand of Orcus" is being sought after because it is loose upon the mortal world and there are Forgeries of Wondrous Magics being let loose upon the unsuspecting...  and this is thought to be one.

"The Throne of Bloodstone" is warming up and a new successor is rumored to be poised for the takeover.

Character Levels (CL) : base 8 plus 1d4 ;  means CL 9 - 12
Sources from Paizo's PF PRD are welcomed and MUST be noted on your character record sheet which I (your GM) must have a copy thereof.  Failure to do so will default you to the PF Core Rulebook (PFCR).

"There once was a man whom journeyed through the Darklands in search of his soul.  His fate was sealed when he begun his journey as the Darklands welcomed such an evil being into their midst, a being so evil that the Darklands theirselves parted a wide berth which seperated land, time, and belief among their kind.

Magius Bartholemeux de Blaque was this man and his journey consumed his humanity and turned him into the greatest lie humanity has ever known...  Magius Blaque, Grand Archduke of the Darklands, Arch Hierophant Grand Druid, Wizard Supreme, and creator of The Darkworks.

I pray to you brothers and sisters of The Pathfinder Society that you put an end to his Darkworks and if able to himself, the Grand Archduke of the Darklands...  and report what humanity may be left."  - sayeth His Highlord Elric Dhaarkstone, Brightshield of the Cormyrian Stars and Avistanian Statesman (CL 125, mortal).  Highlord of the Lightwielders of Fate and a Chronicler of the Cog.

Cheliax sends word their representative and former party member, Szor'afein Ehilese Elhromane, will rejoin the party before setting out for their last quest... to find the Wand of Orcus and see if it is real or one of the many replicated magics which have been cropping up en mass.

Orichalcum is a metal mentioned in several ancient writings, most notably the story of Atlantis as recounted in the Critias dialogue, recorded by Plato. According to Critias, orichalcum was considered second only to gold in value, and was found and mined in many parts of Atlantis in ancient times. By the time of Critias, however, it was known only by name. In numismatics, orichalcum is the golden-colored bronze alloy used for the sestertius and dupondius coins.

Orichalcum has variously been held to be a gold/copper alloy, a copper-tin or copper-zinc brass, or a metalno longer known. The Andean alloy tumbaga fits the same description, being a gold/copper alloy. However,in Vergil's Aeneid it was mentioned that the breastplate of Turnus was "stiff with gold and white orachalc" and it has been theorised that it is an alloy of gold and silver, though it is not known for certain what orichalcum was.  In later years, "orichalcum" was used to describe the sulfide mineral chalcopyrite or brass

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia...

The name derives from the Greek ορείχαλκοςoreikhalkos (from όροςoros, mountain and χαλκόςchalkos, copper or bronze), meaning "mountain copper" or "mountain metal".  The Romans transliterated "orichalcum" as "aurichalcum", which was thought to literally mean "gold copper". It is known from the writings of Cicero that the metal they called orichalcum, while it resembled gold in colour, had a much lower value

However, these are difficult to reconcile with the text of Critias, because he states that the metal was "only a name" by his time, while brass and chalcopyrite continued to be very important through the time of Plato until today. For that reason, other authors on the subject conclude that orichalcum is either the gold-copper alloy tumbaga, or possibly amber.

Upon examining some of "finest magical works in the kingdom" (which several kingdoms claimed most notably Andoran, Cheliax, Last Wall, Absalom, Five Kings Mountains, and Numeria) there was a strange metal which feigns a resemblance to gold but that which cannot keep its value.  It has been studied by many alchemists, wizards, dwarves, gnomes, and none have a clue how it takes on magic.  Even the magic it does hold is very temporary.  However there has been one short sword fashioned of the stuff and it was adorned with many gems and jewels to be a decorative keepsake...  and it's +1 has yet to come into use except for its own magical radiance.  Even a +1 "fake" shines as do it's cousins.

Don't meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup!!
Saw this as a tagline from a tech forum.  Thought it'd be funny to share... and to warn my players.  ;)

You've come here to get started on my PFC: Throne of Bloodstone.  Here will be details on what you'll need to start playing this epic game as I have seen it's retelling...

·         character level :  8 + 1d4
·         only use one PC  (if player participation is low more PC's per player may be permitted as per GM Approval)
·         alignment is now considered as an attitude versus humanity and life in general and thus LG & CE humankind may operate together with greater goal in mind
·         all previous magic gear you have now stripped (if returning from Campaign #1)
·         re-equip yourself with minor through medium quality magic 
o    may have a number of magic items equal to half your character level 
o    with these guidelines :
§  CL 12 = upto +6 modified item(s)
§  CL 10 = upto +5 modified item(s)
§  CL 6 = upto +3 modified item(s)
§  CL 3 = upto +1 modified item  (3/2 = 1.5, rounded down)
·         characters begin with 100gp in either coin or gems (upto each character)
·         The party will start in the capitol city of Almas, Andoran.  You've quested before and have jelled as a party of adventurers taking contracts from the Pathfinder Society and from a veteran (and retired) adventurer or two.  
·         Your party has become to be known as “The Alighted Adventurers”

Lo be the hero whom thinks he is the stuff of legends.  I shall dine upon the souls aplenty for my appetite hungers for that which mortals seek...  more!  (Demon Lord Orcus said unto the last paladin whose soul was a mere snack at CL 75).

In the days since the Goblinblood Wars (4697 AR;  at present it's 4712 AR, 15 years later) mankind has taken his time to rebuild what was destroyed by the looting and mass destruction by the kobolds and goblins whom are now in hiding.  Even the orcs, ogres, orokai, and trolls (all whom have some sort of goblin blood in them) have nearly disappeared from the normal sightings.

Elves, dwarves, gnomes, halfings, and humans (aka Mankind) have banded together in this wake of wonton destruction and a sign of eviller things which way comes forth.  Signs of the Olde Ones have been marked upon the lands by the goblinkinds have been clearly left behind but as to their meanings that has been of wide conversations, rumors, and speculation in Avistan.  Gorund has not seen much of this destruction and have only further seperated themselves from their northern brethren by becoming "States of Alienation" (if found upon our lands you shall be treated as only an enemy and actions shall be taken upon you accordingly...  reported by the Senior Journeymen of the Almas Pathfinder Society).

The party sojourned in Almas but are expected to be their ambassadors when abroad as many have given the party much in supplies and a place to call home.

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