Friday, October 26, 2012

Campaign Setup

These notes are for those who are going to join my game.

System: Pathfinder Role Playing Game (PF)

Setting: alternate timeline which closely resembles the system.  The events which happen here have no real effect on the timeline as a whole but may be noted therein.  Other events are not planned to impact this campaign but may be used to make things more interesting ( "kicking it up a notch" ).
I am not familiar with "PF Society" (PFS) rules so I shall not use them per se.  I use a lot of things for my own interpretation of the rules and some of the PFS npc's may get used for flavoring.

Character Race Type : must be some type of humanoid.  No outsiders, no animals, nothing else.  No "green skinned" types (kobolds, orcs, goblins, trolls, etc) as something else has happened to them in this game which makes them an unplayable type.

Character Starting Levels:  a balance of upto 40 Character Levels (CL) with 10% CL in NPC followers, hirelings.  Starting wealth is CL20 *2.

Starting Wealth: see page 399 of Core rule book, table 12-4, Character Wealth by Level, and use that for magic, equipment, armor, weapons, and support (hirelings, mounts, and stuff for them).

- IE:  CL 40 = 880k/gp *2 = 1.76 mil/gp, for the entire party for magical items.  
- Non-magical items which are not special or specific in any way may be used without cost, but must always be kept track thereof (food, water, animals/pets, etc).
- Masterwork crafted items are at cost and are considered "special" items.

Online:  I prefer to have an online presence with webcam and mic/speakers.  I have learned how to take advantage of SKYPE, INFNO.NET, D20PRO, and HEROLAB.
  • SKYPE:  free online chatting utility which is better than YahooIM because Skype can share screens live with the conference.  I am a paid subscriber and can host more than 10 people in a video conference.  It can be used in conjunction with online games as well as you can chat while using other programs/games.  There are versions for both PC and Mac.
  • INFRNO.NET :  free site for role players.  Has its own digital whiteboard which is used specifically for gaming.  Video and text-based chatting included.  There are a few people throughout the world whom are online and I usually see more than 10 people on all the time in the public chatrooms.  There are some on there whom have expressed interest already for my campaign.  Web based (html).
  • d20Pro: is a great utility for maps and when used in conjunction with the HeroLab character generator they unite to provide an enriched gaming experience.  I am a registered user with 6 player slots registered.  And I have a server computer which I can host without paying for any other host providing service. There are versions for PC, Mac, and Linux.
  • HeroLab: character generation application.  Think of a well designed database which fills out fields you enter data into.  Includes a majority of the books out there for the systems (these are extras you purchase from the online store which are then incorporated into your licensed application).  Handles game systems : Pathfinder, Shadowrun, D&D 3.5 d20 OGL, Mutants and Masterminds, Call of Cthulu, World of Darkness, D&D 4E, and Savage Worlds. There are versions for both PC and Mac.
Offline:  there are plenty of books out there which have a ton more information than I want myself or my players to use.  You are welcome to get them but there are only a few which players should be familiar with and have with them during gameplay...
Pathfinder Core Rulebook (PFC)
Pathfinder Advanced Player's Guide (APG)
Pathfinder Ultimate Combat (UC)
Pathfinder Ultimate Magic (UM)

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